Incorporated in 1998, with the initiative of a group of Douglastown’s citizens, the Douglas community center provided a purpose for and a reason for renovation of the village school. St. Patrick Central School, built in 1956 and closed in 1993, is a three-story building, with 1650 square meters, located in the village’s core.  The Center has rooted itself in the community milieu offering services and activities to the local population composed of Francophone and Anglophone communities almost equal in number. Come meet us to discover the place, an activity or to share your ideas.



The Douglas community center offers Douglastown and the surrounding areas residents welcoming spaces allowing the development of or to experience a variety of leisure activities encouraging a sense of belonging and fosters the sharing of knowledge and experience within a perspective of collective and inclusive well-being while maintaining the built heritage and its infrastructures longevity.


Inclusion : Diversity – Accessibility


Sharing: Knowledge – Talents – Inter-generational and intra-generational


Solidarity: Helpful members – Community spirit


Innovation: Proactivity – Sustainable development


Prix CQPV 2020: The Centre communautaire Douglas community Center, for its initiative in collecting, teaching and promoting the traditional music and dance of the Pointe de la Gaspésie, with among other initiatives, its community dances.


Entreprise représentant la Gaspésie durant le mois de l’économie sociale 2020 : Voir image dans le folder

Prix Innovateur offered by the Town of Gaspé during the Gala Reconnaissance 2020


Prix Créateur de bénévoles offered by the Ville de Gaspé during the gala Reconnaissance 2020 presented to Guy Bouchard

Prix du Loisir Culturel from the Fédération Québécoise des Centres communautaires de loisirs presented to Lorraine Blais-Morin

Prix Porteur de Traditions from the MRC Côte de Gaspé presented to Guy Bouchard in reference to the Prix du Patrimoine 1ere édition