The Dougtown Café, managed by the Douglas Community Centre,  is a welcoming place where local products are highlighted. The exceptional view offered by the Dougtown Café will bring together travelers and residents of the village.
This project was initiated by the community. The design of the space and the choice of products were made by a committee of Douglastown citizens. The know-how of the community was put to contribution in the preparation of the space (cabinet making, crafts) and in the long term, the space is meant to be a place of gathering and showcasing local talents. The citizens of Douglastown, solicited for the recovery of furniture, are also encouraged to participate in the evolution of the project.
The Dougtown Café is part of a desire to increase the food offer in Douglastown to the residents of the village as well as to the travelers of the Inn. Quality coffee, simple lunches and various snacks will be offered in the first instance. In the medium term, the committee hopes to implement a variety of meals.
The café has been designed to respond adequately to the needs of the community and to break the isolation. There is a family area, free Internet access, more than 15 seats and a relaxed atmosphere that allows for telecommuting. A multifunctional community room is available for various activities related to the socio-cultural programming of the center.

Opening hours

Regular Summer Hours (until Aug 26th)

Wednesday: 10am to 4pm

Thursday: 10am to 4pm

Friday: 9am to 9pm

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Check out our Facebook page for updated hours: 

Café Mont-Louis (Cap au Renard)

Espresso 2,50 $
Double Espresso 3,00 $
Cappucino – Small 3,50 $ – Big 4,50 $
Latte – Small 3,50 $ – Big 4,50 $
Mocaccino – Small 3,50 $ – Big4,50 $
Hot Chocolate – 3,00 $

Teas 2,50 $

Black tea
Green tea

Herbal tea Gaspésie Sauvage (Douglastown) 3,00 $

Forest herbal tea
Wild flowers herbal tea

Loutres Kombucha (New Richmond) 5,00 $

Blueberry and Lavander
Raspberry and Maple

Carbonated water 2,00 $

Smoothies 5,50 $

Tropical shake
Energiy Smoothie
Green Smoothie