About us

The Douglastown Hostel is owned and operated by the Douglastown Community Center.

The hostel is situated along the Saint-John River estuary and the Bay of Gaspé, directly across from the magnificent landscape of Forillon National Park. The hostel offers year-round accommodation services. Groups, families and individuals will find services to suit their needs in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The hostel is situated just off route 132, 20 kms east of the Town of Gaspé and 50 kms from Percé.

Come explore this little Irish village at lands end on the beautiful Gaspé coast! Enjoy a peaceful seaside stay in the picturesque village of Douglastown. The Douglastown Hostel is conveniently located for exploring well-known places on the Gaspé coast, such as the village of Percé and Forillon National Park. The hostel is close to a beautiful sandy beach which is great for swimming, walking and bonfires.

Come explore Douglastown, a gem of the Gaspé Coast!

The Douglas Community Center, was initiated by a group of citizens dedicated to the development of Douglastown. They founded the non-profit organization and gave a new purpose to the village school.

The Douglas Community Center has specifically stated in its charter that it seeks to promote the social, economic and cultural development of the Douglastown village's French and English communities and strives to build bridges between them.